CD International Enterprises currently operates in two primary business segments: Mineral Trading and Consulting Services.

CDII Minerals, Inc. (“CDII Minerals”) is a wholly owned subsidiary of CD International Enterprises, Inc. [OTC: CDII] and serves as its commodities trading division. CDII Minerals sources, aggregates, and distributes three main products: iron ore, manganese ore, and scrap metals for companies located throughout the People’s Republic of China.

The scope of CDII Minerals’ services include: purchasing, financing, logistics, quality control, in addition to conducting comprehensive legal, financial, and technical due diligence on suppliers.

In order to fulfill a niche market and facilitate smooth transactions, we have strategically placed ourselves between our suppliers in North and South America and our buyers in the PRC. CDII Minerals arranges all required logistics and processing from the point of production through its final destination including the documentation and permits necessary to export and import the material.

We continue to strengthen our sources of supply and distribution networks by sourcing material from independent producers in various regions of North and South America to help meet the growing demands of our customers.

We offer a comprehensive suite of services tailored to meet the needs of each individual client. A significant component of our competitive advantage lies in the quality of our personnel. Members of our team possess a working knowledge of the unique characteristics of business operations in China. Our function is to provide the necessary resources for Chinese entities to effectively compete in the global economy. For the Chinese version please visit: